Inspiring lives. Building futures


Our values are the fundamental beliefs that dictate our social and capacity building initiatives; they are embedded in every decision and action across all levels of the organization.

Social Inclusion

Responding to the needs of our community members and their integration in every aspect of the society


Carrying out all our work with the greatest responsibility, transparency and accountability.


Believing in the equal value of every human being and treating all people with dignity and respect.


Embracing continuous improvement, bold creativity and impact.


Challenging each other to strive for excellence and to constantly seek improvement and learning.

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Toumouhat invites you to join its rich community of local and international volunteer professionals and corporations. You can get involved by offering technical knowledge, training facilities & supplies or logistical support.

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Your financial assistance will improve lives for generations to come as it provides the unemployed, women, youth, students, orphans, the physically disabled and the unbanked with the required knowledge and skills to become successful members of the community.