A Little Goes a Long Way

Toumouhat invites you to join its vibrant volunteer and sponsorship community; a collaboration that has enriched the minds and lives of an array of citizens.

Stemming from our premise that the smallest effort can bear a long lasting impact, Toumouhat offers you the opportunity to influence the future of many underprivileged individuals by providing technical knowledge, logistical or financial support.

As a trainer you can personally interact with participants and experience first hand the benefits of your intervention on their lives; a life changing relationship.

If you choose to train the trainer, Toumouhat will ensure that your wealth of knowledge is accurately transferred to practitioners that are shortlisted to peruse the teachings, providing each region with readily accessible homegrown references.

From a logistical perspective, Toumouhat also seeks to further partnerships that enable it to gain access to low cost training facilities or supplies; noting that certain workshops necessitate more elaborate resources ranging from raw materials, tools, cooking or sowing machinery, manufacturing apparatus, to computers and software.

We look forward to hearing from you,

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Toumouhat invites you to join its rich community of local and international volunteer professionals and corporations. You can get involved by offering technical knowledge, training facilities & supplies or logistical support.

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Your financial assistance will improve lives for generations to come as it provides the unemployed, women, youth, students, orphans, the physically disabled and the unbanked with the required knowledge and skills to become successful members of the community.