Carla Wakim Hobeiche


Nothing is more gratifying than witnessing the impact of your assistance on the lives of others

Lebanon’s poverty and unemployment ratios have been rising drastically, indicating that the majority of Lebanese citizens are unable to afford life changing skill sets.

The complementary transfer of academic and professional experiences to those less fortunate becomes a duty that needs to be shared for the greater good of the country.

Together, we can shift Lebanon’s capacity building initiatives towards fostering job opportunities that our communities will benefit from for generations to come.

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Toumouhat invites you to join its rich community of local and international volunteer professionals and corporations. You can get involved by offering technical knowledge, training facilities & supplies or logistical support.

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Your financial assistance will improve lives for generations to come as it provides the unemployed, women, youth, students, orphans, the physically disabled and the unbanked with the required knowledge and skills to become successful members of the community.