Social Inclusion & Capacity Building NGO

About Us

We strive to improve people’s lives by providing Social Inclusion & Capacity Building Programs

Toumouhat, which stands for "Ambitions" in Arabic, is an NGO that strives to improve people’s lives by providing support and awareness on several levels, focusing on empowering low income households and businesses, rural communities, with an emphasis on the unemployed, women, youth, students, orphans, physically disabled and the unbanked;

Providing the skills and solutions required to become socially included and successful members of the community.

In addition to providing support and coaching to the people in need, Toumouhat specializes in delivering tailor-made sessions and workshops in the fields of business, finance, food & safety, hygiene, quality control, self-development and much more.

Part of our mission is to provide the young generation with useful knowledge that will enlighten their future, offering them curriculums that extend skills needed in their personal and professional adult life; lessons that are hard to grasp in a classroom setting.

Offer Financing

Your financial assistance improves lives by providing the unprivileged with the knowledge and skills that enable them to Leap Towards Success.

Offer Knowledge

Join our rich community of local and international volunteer professional trainers from the private and public sector.

Offer Logistics

You can offer learning and training material, teaching facilities, meeting venues and logistical support.

Offer Registration

Offer to pay registration fees to attend events or training programs.