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Beirut In Tears-Support Beirut tenants rebuild homes and businesses

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It is with the kindness and generosity of kind souls that Lebanon can surmount the horrors of the tragedy of August 4th 2020.
Having experienced firsthand the hardships that the capital’s habitants are going through, Toumouhat will temporarily shift all its current projects towards helping Beirut tenants rebuild their homes and businesses.


Toumouhat is applying a purely humanitarian approach that alleviates key socio-economic necessities and obstacles by providing assistance that is 100% Lebanese, prioritizing the employment and use of Lebanese products and services.


Secure Financing of Cleaning & Repairs
Over 300,000 homes are affected by the blast, with a majority requiring urgent cleaning, painting, woodwork and glasswork products and services; While banking capital controls and the LBP devaluation make it unaffordable to finance such colossal repairs. Toumouhat will fund, sponsor and negotiate payments in LBP to ensure affordability via economies of scale.

Provide access to local skilled Labor
The majority of the skilled construction labor are foreigners, while over 45% of Lebanese citizens are unemployed. In this affect, Toumouhat will train under its core skills program and engage Lebanese craftsman, prioritizing those from Beirut, to help clean and rebuild areas affected by the blast.

Promote Lebanese Industrialists
Thousands of companies are at risk of bankruptcy in the Lebanese Industry sector. Toumouhat will only utilize Locally manufactured goods to generate desperately needed business within the manufacturing economy.

We are thankful that so many countries, individuals and donors have shown such great concern and action: Toumouhat’s mission during this difficult period is to liaise and insure that every penny is spent in a manner that solely benefits the Lebanese communities; under the most transparent disbursement and auditing processes.

Considering the magnitude of the losses, we appreciate your financial support or any assistance in supporting those who lost their family members and houses; even the smallest amount can make a difference.


August 18, 2020 @ 8:00 am
October 1, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
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