Minillionaires Programs

Toumouhat’s Minillionaires Program trains teenagers, ages 12 to 16, to become aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with the basic knowledge and skills needed to start, run and grow a micro-business; emphasizing commerce that require minimal spending, that can be operated from the comfort of home or that require nothing more than an internet connection and possibly, that transform a hobby into a promising career.

The concept is to group teens in teams of 5 to 8 members who will be mentored in establishing a “make believe” company. It involves a series of theatrical and practical exercises that lead them to start manufacturing, marketing and selling goods and services to the public; building income from scratch with the support and guidance of their mentors.

Along their journey, teens will be introduced to personal and professional soft and technical skills, to executive responsibilities, to managing money, to liaising with suppliers & banks and more importantly, to dealing and selling customers; mimicking real life scenarios of their older counterparts.

Minillionaires is comprised of a mix of courses from Toumouhat’s various curriculum but that are tailored to the ambitions and aspirations of young minds.

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